the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol

the site so cool I put my name on it lol

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Free Striped Papers #4 Greens

OK I have posted the green paper pack on 4Shared. Next up is Yellows.

Have you enjoyed these papers yet? I am not getting a whole lot of comments so I am not sure what to really think. You know, sometimes bloggers get to feeling like they are talking to a big wall. I know I get a lot of you visiting, but I wonder, how many actually read or just look at the freebie and run.

I am not offended, really, I know that it is really easy to scan quick, maybe grab the freebie, and then hit the next site with a freebie on it... but it does make me wonder sometimes, should I even bother adding text? Or would it be easier for all of us if I just put a preview of my freebie and a download link :)

I got a library card this week. It has opened up new worlds to me that I have not visited in a long time, like reading about different flowers, craft ideas, etc. I am also re-starting the Low Carb diet tomorrow. Wish me luck. It's hard to start the diet, but once I start seeing the pounds drop off, I get so energized and excited to do it.

Today, Maia told me she wanted to be a chicken for Halloween. She likes this costume. I am not buying it yet because, well, I know she will pick about 10 costumes between now and Halloween. But for today, she is "Bawk Bawking" around the house.

And here's the freebie link

While you are at it, pop over to Terrell's blog and congratulate her. You'll see why.


Dinphy said...

I like the papers, and don't you stop writing! I do read it, maybe not every day, but well, then I catch up later. (oh and now I HAVE to come everyday, especially because of the time difference, and I don't want to miss a paper!) I like the costume she picked, it's so funny! But yes, the can switch a lot, so maybe you'll show us what the final pick will be? ;)
Good luck with the diet!

Pinkupixie said...

That is definitely a cute chicken costume. My younger two ended up choosing a Monster Bride and Bat Chick costumes. Of course my oldest hasn't made up her mind yet. Love the papers too!

Digitreats said...

I love your blog! Don't stop writing and don't get discouraged - we love you!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

I stop by every day & read it even though I may not comment every day I do make a daily visit & read!!!!!
BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
The costume is adorable!!!
I know how kids are but you don't want to wait to long to get her a costume because Halloween will be here before you know it & what she wants may no longer be avaiable!!!!
I know because its happened to me when my boys were little!!!! LOL

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Back again!!
Forgot to say TY for another awesome BG pack!!!!!!

Chrystal said...

Just discovered your blog (thanks to sirscrap), and love your papers! Will be downloading those tonight. Thanks for the freebies, and good luck with the diet.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so funny that your daughter wants to be a chicken for Halloween! Anyway, thanks for the papers.

Anonymous said...

You are great! Keep writing, I am here! (By the way...me too with the pepsi and the chocolate. If you can do it, so can I!!)

Good luck!

Ruth said...

Thanks so much for the papers! I'm checking your site 3 and 4 times a day to make sure I don't miss one!
And good luck with the diet. Two of my friends just went on Weight Watchers and since I have a few to lose too (more than a few!), I think it's about to grab me too. I'll check on your comments for the diet too, not just the freebies.

babydoe said...

Love those greens. Thanks!

vera said...

thank your for these green ones :) and that's a cute costume. I don't know yet what my nephews and nieces costumes would be but i'm sure they will enjoy it and i will get scared! lOL! :)

good luck with the diet! i'm planning to start again myself, just haven't gotten down to the actual meal plans yet. hihih

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at digifree.blogspot.com

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Evening:)
I love your striped papers.!!Thank you so much for sharing.:)
I know what you mean about the comments.They seem to be slim pickins these days.:)Everyone is just soo busy now and there are a ton of new freebies to get.I can't believe how this has taken off in the last year.Can you? :)
I am soo glad to hear you are back on your diet.Only because..I need competition to keep me going.LOL I am at a lull right now.Lost about seventeen or eighteen pounds and holding.:( Bummers...and I can't figure out what I am holding so I can put it down and lose more weight.hehe
I love that little chicken suit...and I think you are smart to wait until closer to the day to make a final decision.Kids change their minds sooo fast.:)
Come see me when you can:)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the next batch of papers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Hang in there.

Be thankful for that sound. I can't remember the last halloween my daughter wasn't a princess. Seriously. And the girl is only 6.

Barbwire said...

A blog would be so empty without the dialogue. I have seen blogs where they just post the freebie and that is it. It feels alien. I like reading a little about the designer's life even if I don't always comment on it. I do try to say thank you, but I too am guilty of sometimes grabbing something an running. I was waiting till I got all the colors before I expressed my appreciation...grin..
But thankyou for the ones I have gotten so far.
Aren't little ones so cute all dressed up for Halloween. My grandson was spiderman one year and he ended up wearing the costume to play as spiderman until he outgrew it a year later. LOL
Keep up the blogging...we are reading.

koala1966 said...

Love the papers, and your blog. How cute is your little one! I've recently rediscovered my library too, mainly because I learned about their new location only a few blocks from me. I love going to the library, but sometimes I just couldn't make it downtown at the right time. Now I can go on my lunch hour.

Monica Inspired said...

Hi, I absolutely adore your designs and visiting your blog.

I can't find the link to your gorgeous papers. I tried clicking on the design and on the title above but there was not link! Maybe I'm just going loopy in my old age. LOL!!!

Hugs and Blessings. :) Mo

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