the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol

the site so cool I put my name on it lol

Thursday, July 05, 2007

So Whaddya Think?

I have started a new gallery to keep my freebies in. They aren't all added, but I really want a few users to go try it out and tell me what you think before I get too far with it. Anyone wanna volunteer? Here is the link...


What I would like very much from any volunteers... go to that link, tell me what you think... and leave a few comments in the gallery to make sure it works right.

If you have any questions, ask them in a comment here on the blog and I will post responses here.


Shell said...

Hi your freebie gallery is looking good. The only thing I didn't like thats probably not the right way to say it but, when you click a link it takes you away from the site instead of opening a new page. The link for the diamond paper pack has http too many times. Essential bows & ribbons pops up a download box so I like that & I like the random way it shows the previews each time you visit. I tested all your links for you to try & give you the best feedback. Thanks so much!

Kate said...

Hi, I'm Kate.. I just found your blog yesterday, and I love it. Have downloaded a couple of things so far, thank you very much! I just went and had a look at the gallery, it looks great. I couldn't figure out how to comment at the gallery.. but maybe because I wasn't logged in? Anyway, it looks great and I grabbed the hibiscus, so pretty! I've added you to my RSS so I will be back :-)

Hilary said...

I haven't had a chance to use your freebies yet but plan to. I think your designs are great. Love Hilary, Perth, Australia.

GrannyDancer said...

The new gallery is terrific! I left a short note there... you do such a great job and thank you for sharing your awesome talent!

Scrapcat4914 said...

Gallery looks awesome But couldn't find where to comment!

Glaucia said...

I love this new gallery and your design.
My name is Glaucia from Brasil.

Rhonda said...

I think your gallery is wonderful! I couldn't find where to comment there though. Thank you so much for sharing your freebies with us. I think most people who visit do appreciate your what you and other designers do. Thank you again :)

MaggieM said...

I just visited your new gallery, and it's great. I love the format. Thank you again for all the sharing you do with the community. Your material is great.

Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful but i'm not able to leave a comment directly on the gallery.

Crabcakes said...

Thanks! Looks great. I didn't try the functionality yet, but the appearance is great!

xashee's corner said...

The gallery looks GREAT but i, too, couldn't find anywhere to comment! i downloaded the heart banner tattoo one and think its soo cool! :D thank you so much for all you do! Have a TERRIFFIC day!

patk said...

Gallery looks wonderful! I figured out i needed to register and log in to leave a comment - every thing i tried worked smoothly - great job!

L said...

Hello! Your freebie gallery worked great. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Dinphy said...

Hi, I took a (quick) look at your freebie gallery. I like it! It's very handy to see all your pretty freebies together! :)
And ofcourse I just had to download the essential papers while looking around. They're so pretty! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful things.

At the chance of being repetitive, I too couldn't comment there. Well, that's to say, I saw that some DID comment, so I guess I'd either have to log in, or just look harder. ;)

I agree with Shell, being taken away from your blog is a downsite, especially because I couldn't find a link back. Or maybe that's just me not using my eyes...
(But then I thought: just right-click and open in a new tab works fine too)
Anyway, that's my feedback.

I also want to thank you for explaining why so many bloggers ask for comments on their blog. I never knew the comments at 4shared disappeared! And because usually when you download, you get taken away from the blog, it's just the easy way to leave a comment at 4shared while downloading. But now I know, and I'll comment more on the blogs!
I do have a question about that; If I don't have much to say, and just want to say 'tfs', would the right way be to leave that at 4shared, or also on a blog? I mean, If its usefull comment, or an elaborated 'thank you' I can understand someone would like to save it. But leaving just a simple 'tfs' on a blog, I feel like I'm littering that blog, if you know what I mean...

(please excuse my poor english, I'm Dutch, and sometimes the right words just won't come to me)

khrank said...

I love your gallery! I visit your site often. You are a great designer, and I am grateful for the freebies!

Rachel said...

Love the gallery.. If anyone doesn't know.. if you right click on the download button you have the option to open the file in a new window.. then you will still remain on the page you're on.

Love your stuff... like the gallery...nicely displayed.. organized.. good job.

ReednOwensmommy said...

I poked around in the gallery and love it! So easy to use and so pretty. It looks like you put a lot of hard work into it and it's greatly appreciated. =D I registered and had no trouble leaving comments. Maybe you could put a note on the first page that you have to register to comment? That might help clear up any confusion.

Stephany said...

It seemed easy enough to me. But I didn't look all over. Thanks for the freebies.

BelindasScrapz said...

Its late tired gotta get to bed not much time to do much today busy week looks great there and looks like it must be working you had comments..great job

Erin said...

I think this is great! I can't believe you took the time to put all that together, but it is much appreciated! I think word will spread fast that you have an A+ site.

I have a LO I made using a freebie of yours some time ago...I'll dig it up today and send it your way.

Thanks for all your hard work!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon:)
Thank you for coming to see me and leaving me a wonderful comment.:) I am soo glad you like my psycho butterflies.LOL
I went to your gallery and think you are doing a wonderful job...I left a comment for you on one of them.You'll have to find it.LOL It worked fine.I was just trying it out.
I have NO idea how to do all of that..so I guess you will have to scroll through my blog to get to anything I have posted in the past.:) I can't even figure out how to add a blinky to my blog and have been told by a couple of scrappers how to do it so far.That part of my brain must have never developed.LOL
Have a fantastic weekend.!!

Nancy said...

Visited your gallery and it is terrific! I grabbed a couple of freebies I had missed before. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Michelle 32 said...

I am new to the digital word of scrapbooking and very excited to jump in and try some stuff before coming back and puchasing your stuff. Your work is wonderful and I appreicate the chance to use your items to preserve my family memories. Thanks you!

Candy said...

Love the gallery and your stuff is so beautiful and creative. Any way to make the comment box a couple of lines instead of one scrolling one when you type in?

myscrapbook said...

visited your freebie gallery.I love the way you have it set up.There may be a few wrinkles to iron out.But it is looking great.thank you for all your hard work.Much appriciated.

wvsandy said...

I went to the freebie gallery and cruised around. Everything worked as expected. I was able to leave a comment as ANON.The gallery is a wonderful idea, especially for people just getting started who need a lot of examples to learn how to use them. Thanks for your generosity.

Tussemaja said...

Your scrapbooking stuff is just great. And the new gallery work just fine. Keep up the good work.
I don't do soo much digital scrapbooking... I do scrapbooking and cardmaking with my hands (hard to explain for a foreigner). Thanks for sharing!

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