the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol


the site so cool I put my name on it lol

the site so cool I put my name on it lol

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh Heck.

So here is a rundown of what is going on right now for lil miss pillowgirl.

My anniversary is this weekend. I thought I would be all nice and treat my hubby to a overnight stay at a casino/hotel in Wendover. So I booked a nice jacuzzi suite at the 'Rainbow Casino' and we planned our trip, to leave this Sunday and come back Monday night. My mom will babysit. And on Monday she will take Maia to daycare and we will make sure to be home in time to pick her up.

On Monday, Hubby came home from work, and told me that our day care of 3 years has posted a sign that they will be closing for a month starting (guess when) THIS THURSDAY! What kind of notice is THAT? So any of you wo have ever considered taking your kid to a daycare here called Gingerbread Kids, lemme tell ya, they don't care about the kids or the parents or even the daycare workers. They just shut down on a whim, no notice, no refunds, no nothing. And you know why? She is hiring a new Director and wants to start from scratch. Heck, what kind of business plan is that? Get rid of 50 paying kids for a month to start your business over from the ground up. Hope they all come back? Not this mama.

So I managed to get a county-run daycare at the local recreation center to squeeze Maia in. I took off from work yesterday and spent the entire day gathering paperwork and immunization records so Maia will still have somewhere to go while we work. She starts next week. Hubby will stay home with her this Friday, we will still go to Nevada on Sunday, and grandma will be the one to drop Maia off on her FIRST DAY at the new day care. I feel guilty. I feel rotten. But I NEED an anniversary as we haven't celebrated our anniversary since Maia was born due to the our parental detachment issues.

TALK ABOUT STRESS! So I finally relaxed tonight. And I have a quickpage to share with you. It is in nice calm and neutral colors.

Download it here

P.S. If any of y'all wanna make a quick donation to my scrapbook fund, I am going to use them to play roulette Sunday night, that's my favorite game but I am broke from the pre-payments for the new day care ARGH. You can tell me which numbers to play it on hehe. That's almost like the guy who stands on the corner with a sign that says "Will work for beer" or somethin' huh?


LVMommy22 said...

that daycare is insane!!! i can't think of any positive reason to close down for a month on such short notice! they are idiots! and what a horrible position they've put everyone in! i'm so glad you found another center so (relatively) easily. what a nightmare! i'm sure maia will do fine with your mom dropping her off ... maybe dh can take her to visit for a bit on friday so she knows where she'll be going. don't have guilt! we all need re-charging!
:) M

Maria said...

Thank you! Love your work!

Anonymous said...

When daycare is not working it's one of the most stressful situation. Glad you found a solution. Take it easy this weekend.
Suzanne from Canada

rainbowkitty said...

I can NOT believe your daycare. How awful is that. Sorry about that, and especially the timing. BUT don't feel too guilty. Take the time for yourself and enjoy time with your hubby. Im sure Maia will be fine.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thank you for the beautiful QP.:) I love it!
Soo sorry you are having day care problems.:( That was very uncaring for them to not give any kind of notice.
Glad you still get to go for your anniversary.Hope you have a great time.:)


Scrapcat4914 said...

Wow what a bummer!!
But you sure were lucky to find another one that quick!!!
TY so very much for the QP!!!!

Kittenb said...

Where in Nevada ? I live here :) I am in Reno

jsj said...

Thank you!! Very pretty.

No Reimer Reason said...

That is such bad business for that daycare. I would be so mad and spreading the word to everyone I know. How inconvenient that must be.

Thank you for sharing this pretty template.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful QP, thanks! :)

xashee's corner said...

that daycare is just NUTS! sure dont' sound like a good plan to me lol but glad you found something else! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome talent and have a BEAUTIFUL day :)

EAL Designs2 said...

omg!! nice daycare, NOT!!!
Good grief, that's nuts.
Happy Anniversary, enjoy yourself, my hubby and I have will be celebrating 19 years in November and never got that chance, so enjoy yourselves.
Thanks for the awesome QP
Hugs, Lisa

2Tall said...

How rude of that daycare; I am glad you are taking your little one elsewhere. Don't feel guilty about the first day thing --- you need to recharge your batteries with your anniversary trip --- you will be a better Mommy because of this getaway.

ps: Thanks for the gorgeous QP!

Cindi said...

This is a very nice QP...thank you so much for sharing.

Josie said...

What a crazy daycare! You're right about them not caring too! I bed she's not even a parent. Because, what parent would do that to other parents on such short notice.

Thanks for the QP and have fun on your anniversary!

grammy201 said...

Lovely QP thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

As a childcare worker, I am appalled that a daycare center would do that! We recently had a center in our area close with only 3 weeks notice and even that had parents scrambling. To even close for a day, our center gives 3 months notice! I am glad that you & your husband got the chance to get some alone time for your anniversary! Oh - and I think you are right in not wanting to go back to the same center when they reopen - they close without notice once, who says that they wouldn't do it again!

Sassy said...

First, thank you so much for the goodie, I absolutely love it even though I normally tend to go for wild colourful designs lol this is so calming and reflective, it's just stunning.
Now, I have to say that daycare is absolutely rediculous! More than 50 paying places and they shut down on less than a month's notice (heck less than a week really), I am with you, my child would NOT go back there even if they offered me the next 6 months free, what inconsiderate so and so's! You are better off somewhere else that is more considerate all the way around! But yeah, I can see how that would stress you out big time. As far as the new daycare situation and you and hubby going away for your anniversary and Maia has her grandmother dropping her off on the first day there, please PLEASE don't let that parental feeling of guilt keep you from enjoying your anniversary break. I have a degree and was a nanny for 14 years and can tell you quite honestly that this is not something that will affect Maia in a negative way now or in the future...it's just one of those things that parents can't help feeling guilty over...you two need to have a break, a chance to connect alone and have some 'down' time and that does not reflect badly on your parental skills...in fact, by getting this type of break, you'll come back more refreshed and even more in love with your family & life. If the thought of her going on her first day without you is too overwhelming, why not sit down with her before you leave and just 'imagine' what the time will be like with her, make it a game, tell her when she gets home on her first day to color you a picture of what she did, get involved in a different way, you'll still be supporting her and encouraging her and she'll still know you were a part of her first day there too. Dunno if that will be of any help, but honestly you've got no need for the guilts, it isn't something that will harm her in any way at all. Have a great time away, have a wonderful anniversary, and enjoy the break, you and your dh have earned it! And thanks again for sharing your designing talent with us! xx

Lindsaymarie84 said...

Thank you for the quick page!

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All works on this site are copyright "Pillowgirl" aka Elizabeth Blust. If they are offered for free download, please respect and follow the Terms of Use that comes with the file. It is AGAINST MY TOU to redistribute these files. It is also against my TOU for you to direct folks straight to my 4shared link. Please send them to this blog directly to get the links.
I will be more clear even: It is against my TOU for you to take my file, reupload it to 4shared or any other file sharing site, and redistribute it. It is against my TOU for you to take my file, put it in a zip with other files, then upload and share it on another site. It is against my TOU for you to take one paper out of my kit, put it with your tutorial, and redistribute it on another site. It is against my TOU for you to make Quickpages with my designs and redistribute the quickpage on your site (unless I gave you permission in email or writing.) It is against my TOU for you to print out my file, rescan it, then put it up as your own, or even with credit to me, and redistribute it.
Man, it's sad that I have to be that blunt.